About Flying Peaks

Company Overview

Flying Peaks helps connect people who live and visit the seasonal pleasures unique to the snow country, which is rich in nature's blessings.

What is important is the life that exists in the area now.
We will unearth the charm inherent in the region and shine a spotlight on it in a way that will please not only visitors to the region, but also the people living in the region.

We hope that visitors will embark on adventurous journeys, experience play that makes the most of their five senses in nature, and find irreplaceable treasures.

I hope that the people living in the area will realize the value of their area, nurture their lives with pride, and continue to live in the future.

And so that everyone involved in the area will be rich. We will propose tourism content that will take root in the region by facing the region with seriousness, adventurousness and playfulness as if jumping over the mountains.




Chief Field Entertainer

Tomoko Sugiyama

Born and raised in Hida Takayama.

My grandfather had a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity in post-war Japan, and he was involved in many things. In an area that used to be full of fields, we have established Honoki Ski Resort and the Hida Great Limestone Cave, creating new play and work for the young people who will lead the next generation, and creating white and green seasons for tourism. brought a new breeze to

At that time, there were many differences of opinion due to differences in standpoints in starting new things in this region, and there were times when it was difficult to get over it.

Still, I respect my grandfather from the bottom of my heart for accepting the differences in each other's claims, coordinating with each other, and continuing to work without giving up in order to revitalize the region. .

In the days when I realize that I live with the blessings of Hida Takayama's people and nature that my predecessors have connected, I inherited my grandfather's thoughts and hope that the region will continue into the future. Launched Flying Peaks with the desire to take root in tourism content.

“It can develop as a tourist destination because it pleases the local people.”

Believing in this, he places importance on expressing what is currently available in the region in a way that everyone can enjoy.