Takayama Cycling Tours

Takayama cycling tours in the city and mountains.


Travel Slow!

What is important is the life that exists in the area now.
We will unearth the charm inherent in the region and shine a spotlight on it in a way that will please not only visitors to the region, but also the people living in the region.

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Visitors connecting with locals,

As you embark on an adventurous journey and experience play that makes the most of your five senses in nature, you will find irreplaceable treasures.

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Locals connecting with visitors,

Realize the value of your area, nurture your life with pride, and hope that the area will continue into the future.

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Guided Cycling Tour

  • Eli

    The Hida-Kokufu cycling tour was truly a gem of an experience. This tour is perfect for adventurous, active travelers looking to step off the beaten path and enjoy their own slice of heaven in the Japanese countryside. Tomoko is a knowledgeable, professional guide with many years under her belt. Besides patiently teaching me how to properly use an e-bike, she deepened my knowledge about the Hida-Kokufu area and proactively helped nurture connections between tour participants and locals. On the tour, it was amazing to bike past centuries-old historical sites, savor the sweetness of locally grown apples, bask in the gorgeous autumn foliage, and to have small glimpses into the daily life of locals living in Hida-Kokufu. The e-bikes made it a breeze to get around, making the tour perfect for individuals from all different types of fitness backgrounds. Also, as the Hida-Kokufu landscape changes with the season, there is always something new to experience and enjoy on this tour no matter the time of the year. Whether you are a solo traveler or vacationing with family, if you are planning a trip to Takayama, I highly recommend this tour for the unforgettable memories. 

  • Zoe

    Takayama private guide tour

    The e-bike tour of Takayama was a highlight of my trip and truly a once in a lifetime experience! We toured vast golden rice fields just before harvest, meandered through local markets, and sampled wondrous cuisine—all while beating the late-summer heat on our bikes. The guide’s unique knowledge of the area allowed us to time every experience perfectly, and my visit to Takayama is surely something I will never forget! I can’t wait to return with family and friends.

  • Oudra

    Hida-Kokufu welcome ride 

    Our bike tour with Tomoko was a last minute excursion, but it was one of our favorite things we experienced while in Japan. My husband and I, along with our four kids, were invited to try out the bike ride. It was beautiful. Tomoko, her husband, and friend led us on a two hour tour of Kokufu on electric bikes. I was concerned at first because I have back and hip issues, so I was worried about the ride; however, the bikes were fantastic, and I had no issues. We never would have been able to experience what we did that day without a guided trip.  The beauty of the mountains, villages, and the foliage were a treat.  Tomoko and her team were the absolute BEST. They later gave us tips on a great ramen restaurant, and then they showed us around the night life of the city of Takayama.  Truly our favorite evening.  They are kind and fun people who want to share cities with others and show you a very nice time!!  I now call them friends, and I hope to return and see them again one day.

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